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Life Continues.

The Fallout.

First blog since the last one which recounted the story of how I saved a man's life. It's been a pretty crazy week since then, with updates on almost everything, so I'm going to try to cover all of those and keep it short and sweet. Here goes...

Life Saved
There's been a lot of activity this last week surrounding that story. It's been more attention than I ever wanted or expected, but I guess you could say it's deserved. I didn't think much of it besides being lucky to be in the right place at the right time, but the people at the office went nuts. As a result, I made the cover of the Salida newspaper Tuesday morning (http://themountainmail.com/ftp/frontpage.jpg), and have two copies of that to keep for myself and family. I got a full page spread on the back of the front page of the Vail Daily newspaper yesterday morning also, and have copious copies of that one thanks to my friends at the office. I also received a call this week from the Sheriff in Chaffee County and they're going to honor me at their annual banquet in August with an Award for Distinguished Service for my actions. Pretty cool all in all, but definitely more recognition than I ever expected to get. The man who I rescued is doing well last I checked as well and resting at his home in Nathrop, right off the road to the Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton trailheads. I'm flattered and honored to receive all this press and attention, but it's definitely a story for the ages and one to learn from. I've also earned the nickname "hero" from pretty much everyone at work and the other people at the intern house, which is cool, but I hope it doesn't stick. I'm too humble for a nickname like that.

The internship has been going really well so far. I did some work this week on international marketing research for the company, which was really interesting and finally a project that coincides with my major. I've also done a lot of work with data entry regarding Vail Resorts for the upcoming winter, which is boring but cool to know you're working for a super small company already partnered with such a giant gorilla in the business. Also, starting this week, I'm taking over concierge services for the company while our concierge guy is out of the country for the next 2.5 weeks. This should be fun because I enjoy the customer service side of things, and learned a lot from working at the Ritchie Center. I'm nervous being so new to the company and taking this on, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot. This may consume weekends for that time period too, not quite sure yet, but we'll see. We spent an afternoon at Camp Hale this week this week for Local's Day with NOVA Guides and got to ride ATVs and Jeep Tours for free. Play time is awesome at this company. I went to a breakfast networking event at the Cordillera Lodge (http://www.cordilleralodge.com/) this week also, aka where the Kobe Bryant scandal went down, and won a two free nights stay up there. Gorgeous place, and I'm not sure when or what I'll be using those two nights for, but either way it'll be a good time and it's cool to have won those. Those business card drawings really do work sometimes!

CampusFrance has finally received my payment, and once I get the confirmation from them on other stuff, the Visa process will begin. For now, I'm making a tentative Visa appointment in LA for the first Monday in August. The housing ordeal is almost complete. They have confirmed a studio for me, which is remarkable considering they wouldn't for a while, and now I'm just waiting for them to confirm the money I sent over there. The way I see it, they wouldn't confirm my studio if they didn't have my money, but regardless I have to wait for that confirmation. Then I can be reimbursed that money and the study abroad predeparture reqs will be almost completely wrapped up.

I'm still aggressively pursuing 14ers, and climbed my 21st yesterday on Mt. Princeton. Beautiful view from the summit at 7am, and gorgeous views of Mt. Antero from just across the valley. The two summits are about 5 miles apart as the crow flies, but the valley between sinks to about 7,000 feet, so the view at sunrise and from the summit is stunning. Check out the pictures on Facebook and let me know what you think if you haven't already. While optimistic about hiking next weekend over the holiday, it looks like I won't be now. I'm lying in bed as I type this with my right knee iced due to what it appears is a torn ligament (2-6 week recovery period). Thankfully, not an MCL or ACL tear, but still pretty painful. I had plans to hike Mt. Yale with a friend today, but had to bail yesterday. From experience, I know I've benched pressed 250+ pounds through a torn rotator cuff in each shoulder, so, I'm optimistic this thing will heal up fast and I'll be back out hiking soon. How soon is hard to say, but I can say it's going to be hard to get in the way of the passion I have for hiking 14ers and climbing the beautiful peaks around me, so we'll just have to see. I'm optimistic it'll be as close to that 2 week period as possible if not sooner, but it's impossible to know.

Who knows. I want to climb every 14er in the Sawatch range this summer and maybe a few in the Elks out by Aspen, especially those Maroon Bells. I want to learn as much as I can from the concierge spot these next few weeks for the future. I want to spend a night or two at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs soon too, just to relax, either after a day of more 14er hiking or just to escape for a bit. 14er hiking will continue soon enough I'm sure, but it's impossible to know the future. You never know when you'll have to save a life out there, or when you'll end up hurt yourself. Until next time, take care of yourselves out there, and always remember... Be Prepared.

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Settling In

Lionshead, Beaver Creek, France, and all around exploring.

sunny 65 °F

The last few days have been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Due to the hiking issues, I was back in Vail over the weekend. I got to spend both days hanging out like a local at the Teva Mountain Games, which was beyond cool. So much free schwag, cool gear, cute dogs, cute girls, and just an all around awesome time. This was also a great opportunity for me to get to know some of the other people in the house. So, I spent both Friday night and Saturday night going out to bars and clubs with the new coworkers, my roomate, and his friends from Boulder. Needless to say, definitely not my scene, but, a great way to get to know the coworkers and make friends, and with a few different safe options, I figured I'd be good for going out drinking. First thing I learned on Friday night: 3 drinks in, I was tipsy. Wow does altitude hit you fast up here. Granted, I don't drink much as it is and have no tolerance, but still. Remember that. Friday night was pretty tame all things considered.

Saturday night was an adventure, and ended up with my roomate's crazy female friend all over me all night who I was definitely not into. Things got awkward pretty quickly, but me being the person I've always been meant the night ended with me by myself. She had a boyfriend and smoked, and made it sound like things would be totally fine if we hooked up. Sorry, wrong answer. Being the DD that night was also totally me, but made that situation a whole lot less fun. So in the future, I'm going to have to lay some ground rules or make the things I do and do not stand for a whole lot more clear.

By this point, my boss and I had decided that Wednesday would be my start day, so I spent Monday lounging around Lionshead and exploring. Really dead over there right now, but really cool to feel like a local in such a touristy place. Tuesday I lounged around Beaver Creek doing the same thing, just checking out shops and restaurants and talking to locals, and actually scored a free lunch in the Beaver Creek Village at the Flying Pig. Best BBQ I''ve had in quite some time, so if you're up here sometime, check it out, it's well worth it. I spent the rest of those two days wrapping up the whole CampusFrance process, leaving the Visa in LA and housing the only things left on my to do list for study abroad. Housing with them has been a mess but I've been told I'm supposed to hear in a few days from a contact at the school over there.

Today was my first "day" at work, and by that I mean I was told to come in late, allowed to leave early, and all tasks today were busy work. As expected, they hired me on as an intern with no actual designated focus for me, so I'll have my hand in a little bit of everything, and I couldn't be more excited! It looks like tomorrow I'll be working with the head concierge guy since he's taking a two week vacation to Ireland in a couple weeks and I'll be running that position while he's gone. Super excited for everything, and everyone at the office is super cool, laid back, and it looks like an awesome summer ahead. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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