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May 2011

Plans, Refined.

sunny 75 °F

It's official. Less than one week until I move to beautiful, snowy but sunny, Vail, Colorado. Such a surreal feeling to be honest, and it still hasn't hit me yet how lucky I am to be living up there for free for 3 months. I don't think it'll actually hit me until I get into town up there and realize it's really real. And guess what? Of course I've already started packing for Vail. This morning was my last shift at work indefinitely, and it was a great one. I'm excited to have no more 4:30am shifts for a while, although my boss guaranteed me a job at the same position with a raise through graduation if I want it, which means I may do it again after Europe.

Work this morning was actually really awesome. Some of the morning customers who I've befriended over the last 2 years as a 4:30 guy brought me all kinds of gifts and gift cards. Really cool, and one of them is actually retiring from the Denver public education school board this year and moving to...Vail! Hoping to see her around. Got many handshakes from friends, other supervisors, bosses, etc this morning as well which felt really cool to know that they appreciate me as much as I appreciate everything I've learned from them over these two years. One person even offered me a place he owns to rent out next year if I'm interested, and I'm pretty sure he's a Venture Capitalist, aka a really good guy to know. One of my fellow supervisors and other people who frequent Vail in summer gave me a great list of places, trails, and areas to check out also, and I took copious notes. So if you're ever up in the area over the summer, let's get together and explore together! Looks like a great time ahead.

France update: still no confirmed studio, but my study abroad advisor is now helping me with my situation. Good thing because my landlord speaks no English and it's all I can do to get a lease set up and she needs to give me a studio soon or I want my 3 grand in US Dollars back. I registered for French classes this week also, and couldn't be more excited. Intl Management, Intl Marketing, Intl Finance, and Intl Law, plus two French classes all while over there. Hard to beat that.

Hike update: Weather forecast for Buena Vista and surrounding area (Fairplay) looks absolutely fantastic. Hopefully, it stays that way and no Seattle weather returns... I am still planning to hike 14ers all 5 days in a row, and now it looks like my good friend Zach may be able to make it down for a few days as well as my good friend Tyler. Hopefully both can, I love and miss both of them dearly. Right now for peaks in the running for those days: Shavano and Tabaguache (same day), Princeton, Antero, and Yale all look really good. Elbert, Massive, and Sherman are all kind of under consideration and look good too. And to top off my trip, I'm planning to spend the last night in the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs by myself soaking, relaxing, and taking some time for myself without any exterior distractions even if just for a day and a night. Then, it'll be back to Vail to start "work", if you can really call it that. Here's a link to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs as well: (http://www.mtprinceton.com/) That's it for now, thanks for reading!

PS. Cool moment of my day? Customer/friend at work this morning told me she always remembers who I am because of my family ring I wear. Such a cool moment.

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VAIL & 14ers

Let me preface this entry by just saying how lucky I feel sometimes. To have the opportunities that I do over the next 6 months is incredible, and I feel incredibly blessed/gifted/however you want to take that to have been given these opportunities. I hope I can make the most of them. I am told by many I am an incredible musician, but I also love to spend time hiking as high as the mountains around me will allow and skiing down whatever happens to be in front of me. Speaker of 3 languages and knowing a 4th. I feel so incredibly lucky to be this talented and have the opportunities in front of me that I do. I hope I can share my gifts with each and every one of you in some sort of way someday.

With just one week left of school followed by a few finals, I am beginning to get into full gear for move out and on up to Vail for the summer. I'm also beginning to prep for my 6 day trip down near Buena Vista hiking a bunch of 14ers in the Sawatch Range. The downside to the trip is that all of my friends I had hoped would be able to come with have since fallen trough, so I'll be doing the trip solo or with other 14ers.com forum members. Either way, I'm excited and ready to see what gifts Nature brings me while I'm down there. I know my mom will be worried sick if she finds out I'm doing these solo, but I feel I have the knowledge and experience necessary and a PLB registered with NOAA if anything serious were to happen. There have been a number of great Trip Reports on 14ers.com from this weekend detailing what the conditions are like down in the Sawatch Range right now, and I've been watching them closely to make sure I don't get myself into any trouble. I even got lucky enough to find a webcam pointed straight at Antero's East face, so I can check it whenever I want!

I am also beginning to get the details on the place I'm staying up in Eagle-Vail, and apparently will be sharing the room with a guy from Boulder. Hopefully, all works out. I am beginning to have some concerns about the weed consumption up there and after my boss added me as a friend on Facebook the other day, it definitely seems apparent that she likes to party...a lot. So, that being said, hopefully all works out. I've never been much for parties and getting hammered, but I guess there's a learning curve with everything, so we'll see how this summer works out. I am, however, looking forward to the sheer amount of world class vineyards when I study abroad in the fall. With regards to that, no update. Still waiting to find out why she can't guarantee me a room. My classes over there are looking really good though and I'm really excited about every one of them so far.

Question for Vail: my place is 7 miles from the office in Vail, and gas is $4/gallon currently. Do I bike to work every day or drive? Thoughts?

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France, Vail, and more 14ers

More news from France this morning: the French are frustrating. Surprise right? The residence has about 2000 Euros (3000 US Dollars) of my money and can't guarantee me a studio for my stay starting in September unless I also pay for July, even though I won't be there in July at all. Since that makes sense and all... I guess for now I'll just take it for what it's worth and hope that I have one in September since it sounds like they have availability, they just own't guarantee it with all the money I've sent.

Vail. Can't wait. Spoken to my boss a few times this week and the house sounds great and the living arrangements sound pretty good too. Only downside is my roomate is moving in first and will probably snag the queen bed and leave me with the twin. Guess I'll just have to go camping more often then right? Speaking of Vail, there's a winter storm warning for the next day or so up there with up to 18" of snow forecasted. So much for it being the month of May! Can't complain when you live in Colorado though. View the weather forecast and model here: http://chofwx.com/f19b0 Luckily, I think most of the precipitation is going to fall north of Buena Vista and won't leave too much down there, which is great news for the 14ers roadtrip I'm planning in two weeks.

14ers. Trip Reports and Conditions Reports are looking great on 14ers.com. Right now everything points towards Shavano, Tabaguache, and Princeton as doable on the trip based on reports. I spent an hour or two last night reading through Roach's book researching routes as well to ensure I'm properly educated and prepared for these hikes. Here's a look at Shavano and Tabaguache from over the weekend: (http://14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=9927) My boss in Vail seemed fine with my idea so my plan is to move in up there 6/2, hiking 6/3-6/7 or 6/8, start work 6/9. Couldn't be any more excited for this trip or this internship. Hoping some of my friends out there will be able to make this trip or parts of it with me and hang, but I'm looking forward to some solo time too.

Until next time, check out this ridiculously bad ass Trip Report from Pyramid Peak this weekend! Mad props to this guy for biking, hiking, climbing, and skiing a Class 4 14er all in one day!! http://14ers.com/php14ers/tripreport.php?trip=9929

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Looking Ahead

To Ski, Hike, or Sleep

Working on my 14ers roadtrip to kick off the summer when I have time, and I found conditions reports from Mt. Princeton, Mt. Antero, Mt Shavano (and hopefully Tabaguache) all look relatively good over on the 14ers.com forums. Getting super excited for this trip, even if I do some of these peaks solo, because that's why I bought that PLB right?? If weather over the next 2-3 weeks does not cooperate, I will be settled into my new place in Vail by then, and the Teva Mountain Games will be around all weekend June 3-5 and Arapahoe Basin will be open as well for some throwback Spring skiing, and there is always sleep to be made up. I will keep this updated with my plans and where my travels take me, hopefully to the beautiful 14ers of the Sawatch Range as planned!

France Update: Housing to be settled in the next day or so for my time abroad in Dijon. Can't wait!

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Future Plans

14ers Trip

My moving plans for the end of the school year and 14er road trip built in.

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